Applied Model ZC6HCE8 ZC6E8AT
Engine Type FA20CSWB5F FA20
Transmission Type TL701VD50A -
Color Code K7X -



Cusco 加宽油门踏板 965 766 A ¥260 购于日亚
Total RMB: 260自己动手


机滤 15208AA130 42.30
衬垫16X21X2.3 803916010 5.86
机油5w30 K021CY0272N 238.38
燃油系统清洗剂200ml K087CY0010 104.13
工时 4个 339.33
Total RMB: 730.00首保免费
排气尾端 STI(低背圧)E型 ST44300AS020 ¥28006加价抵扣
一键启动 STI(红色) ST83031ST030 ¥2642加价抵扣


Enkei PFM1 Gold 17x7J +48ET 5x100 8000 购于楽天
協永産業 KYO-EI LEGGDURA RACING Blue KIC3U M12xP1.25 700 购于日亚
米其林 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 215/45 ZR17 91Y 3880 四条
机滤(純正部品) 15208AA130 40
铝垫/油封 803916010 6
机油 引能仕 ENEOS SUSTINA 0W-20 SN 458
变速箱齿轮油 爱信 AISIN MTF GL-4 75W-90 168
铝垫/油封 17008AA050 60
差速器齿轮油 爱信 AISIN LSD GL-5 75W-90 208
铝垫/油封 1215710010 12
工时 4个 400邻家小店
Total RMB: 13932


机油滤芯 15208AA160 49.00 '省钱??'
衬垫16X21X2.3 803916010 8.00
机油 SN 0w-20 1L K020CY0271N 83.00天津出光代工
机油 SN 0w-20 4L K021CY0271N 303.00天津出光代工
燃油系统保护剂(200ml) K087CY0010 143.00
净化空调滤芯 S0CX728CAJ00? 218.00
工时保养(85折) 5个 425.00
工时短簧 25个 2500.00
Total RMB: 3729.00 原厂券抵扣
短簧 STI 前 ST20330AS000 ¥2490-
短簧 STI 后 ST20380AS000 ¥2490-


机滤(純正部品) 15208AA130 40
铝垫/油封 803916010 6
机油 天津出光 IDEMITSU 0W-20 SN 338
工时 1个 100邻家小店
Total RMB: 484
- - - -
空调滤芯(純正部品) Toyota 88568-37020 ¥100 购于日亚
空气滤芯(純正部品) Toyota 17801-22020 ¥180 购于日亚
Total RMB: 280自己动手


通伊欧 TOYO TIRES PROXES Sport 225/45 ZR17 91W 2000两条后轮
Total RMB: 2000-


机滤(純正部品) 15208AA130 40
铝垫/油封 803916010 6
机油 天津出光 IDEMITSU 0W-20 SN 348
变速箱齿轮油 爱信 AISIN MTF GL-4 75W-90 168
铝垫/油封 17008AA050 *2 120
差速器齿轮油 爱信 AISIN LSD GL-5 75W-90 208
铝垫/油封 1215710010 + 11126JB000 24
工时 3个 280邻家小店
Total RMB: 1194


机滤(純正部品) 15208AA130 40
铝垫/油封 803916010 6
机油 HONDA 广本红桶 0W-20 SN 340天津出光代工
空调滤芯 Mlitfilter D-030 BRZ/86 90 日亚
燃油系统清洗剂 雪佛龙 Chevron 特劲 355ml 红标 52 -
工时 自己动手 0 某洗车店
Total RMB: 528


机滤(純正部品) 15208AA130 40
铝垫/油封 803916010 6
机油 道达尔 TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 0W-30 A3/B4 SL 180 BRZに最適!
变速箱齿轮油 爱信 AISIN MTF GL-4 75W-90 168
铝垫/油封 17008AA050 *2 120
差速器齿轮油 爱信 AISIN LSD GL-5 75W-90 208
铝垫/油封 1215710010 + 11126JB000 24
工时 3个 265邻家小店
Total RMB: 1011


机滤(純正部品) 15208AA130 45
铝垫/油封 803916010 6
TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 0W-30 A3/B4 SL 180
工时 邻家小店 100
Total RMB: 331
空调滤芯 Mlitfilter 自己动手 90
HKS DDR 100ml 90


机滤(純正部品) 15208AA130 45
铝垫/油封 803916010 6
TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 0W-30 A3/B4 SL 180
工时 邻家小店 100
Total RMB: 331
HKS DDR 100ml 90
空调滤芯 Mlitfilter D-030 90
空气滤芯(純正部品) 16546-JB000 115


机滤(純正部品) 15208AA130 45
铝垫/油封 803916010 6
TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 0W-30 A3/B4 SL 180
工时 邻家小店 100
Total RMB: 331



在5000km更换时,放出来的油是黑色的。在16000km和19000km更换时,油是清澈的 =。=!(油的保质期三年,不要多屯!) 故建议3000km先换一次油,之后按手册的保养周期即可。

GL-4 vs GL-5:


Originally, lead additives were used in gear oils and were very good at reducing wear in loaded gear sets. Lead though, is not very friendly to the environment and was phased out in favour of a Phosphorus and Sulphur combination. These gear oils used the Phosphorus and the Sulphur to attach to the gears and create a strong sacrificial layer to be worn off over the life of the fluid, thus protecting the gear from abrasive wear, high load and shock loads. Initially, the problem with this type of formulation was that the Sulphur used was active and caused corrosion of yellow and other soft metals used in transmissions and differentials. This happened because active sulphur reacted with some metals and metal alloys, especially those that used copper as the alloying element to form metal sulphides that in turn caused corrosion of the metal.

A generation ago deactivated or buffered sulfur was developed that could react with the phosphorous and create a protective and sacrificial layer in conditions created inside gear boxes. This formulation was not corrosive to brass, copper or other metal alloys used in transmissions. Today this is widely used in automotive transmission and gear oils.

Although de-activated sulphur may be used in a gear oil and may be safe for yellow metals such as brass and copper, it does not address the question of whether a GL-5 product can be used in all transmissions and especially those with synchromesh. A GL-5 grade oil has a very high rating for EP (Extreme Pressure) protection. EP gear oils contain additives that prevent metal surfaces from cold welding under the extreme pressure conditions found in situations where boundary lubrication prevails. At the high local temperatures associated with metal-to-metal contact, an EP additive combines chemically with the metal to form a surface film that is ductile enough to prevent the welding of opposing surfaces and prevent scuffing or scoring that is destructive to sliding surfaces under high loads.

In normal operation, the sulfur/phosphorous additive forms a black sacrificial coating on the gears and anything it touches with a little pressure and temperature. As the gears turn, instead of wearing, the sacrificial coating of additives is peeled off or worn off. This is normal and acceptable in all steel gears. But when one or more of the surfaces is brass or another soft metal, the sacrificial coating is stronger than the base metal, and instead of just peeling off, it takes with it a few microns of the softer metal.

An API GL-4 gear oil of any given viscosity has about ½ of the level of sulfur/phosphorous additive that would be in the API GL-5 product, so the bond with the metal surface inside the transmission is not as strong, and therefore can be peeled off without peeling a layer of soft metal. This means that the GL-4 product provides a little less extreme pressure protection than a GL-5 oil but less wear on synchromesh components of a transmission. When a GL-5 oil is used in a transmission with synchromesh it can create up to 4 times the amount of copper in a used oil analysis as that of a GL-4 product. Synchronisers will eventually wear to the point where they become ineffective.

When used in a differential, there is a 30% increase in the torque load compared with a transmission, so in this case, the extra EP protection is required, which is where an API GL-5 oil is best suited.

15208AA130 vs 15208AA160:


Subaru Canada's Response:

"At the present time, when looking at the EPC, the 15208AA130 oil filter is catalogued as fitting the new BRZ as well as early 2011MY Forester non turbo engines. We have been advised that those early 2011MY Forester vehicles can actually use the less expensive 15208AA160 oil filter.

-15208AA130 has better filtering performance than 15208AA160. BRZ needs to have a better but more expensive filter because of high performance engine. -15208AA160 is normal filtering performance but FHI found it’s good enough for 2.0L and 2.5L NA FB engines. Therefore, FHI superseded 15208AA130 to 15208AA160 to reduce service maintenance cost. -FHI then superseded from 15208AA160 which is Japan sourced part to 15208AA15A which is US sourced part to reduce maintenance cost more.

As you can see, 15208AA130, 15208AA160 and 15208AA15A can be superseded each other so there is no problem to use any filters.

The new oil filter and old one are interchangeable, but for 2011 and 2012MY Foresters only. Other future products to use the new oil filter (PN 15208AA160) will not be interchangeable with the older filter (PN 15208AA130)".

A3/B4 vs A5/B5:

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